A first for sustainability. A complete water bottling system to cover all your water needs in one cost-effective, high quality & simple solution.

The system delivers bottled water for guest-rooms, all water for events, sparkling water for minibars and options for outlets.

It comes as a complete package including cobranded glass bottles, portion-control filler, bespoke bottle washer, tamper-proof caps for improved presentation and sustainability stats.

Watch the 1 minute video HERE.

“Moda has helped us achieve an important part of our sustainability mission by removing plastic water bottles from rooms & events.” – Gaurav Wattal, GM, Melbourne Marriott

World-renowned hotels are moving in this direction including Hilton, Marriott and Raffles – along with the best restaurants and bars, and top corporates like Bloomberg and Deloitte.

The ‘bottler’ is offered alongside the firm’s ubiquitous MODA Sparkling taps.

Talk to us about a tailored solution for your business and discover how top establishments are leveraging this environmentally-friendly model to stand out from the competition, reduce costs and boost profits.